Cell Labs is a software products and solution provider with a market niche that enables

Our History

Founded in February 2008 by a group of technology specialists with a vast experience in the systems used for data communication within M2M - Telecom, our team has a thorough working knowledge of the various elements that make up 2G/2.5G and 3G telecom networks including the various underlying communication methodologies between the elements.

Our team in the past has worked with many European Tier 1 Telecom majors within the following spheres:

Since inception, Cell Labs has been focusing on tapping into the virgin domain of M2M communication both within the Indian and global markets.
We lay a special emphasis for a streamlined software engineering process oriented approach to our work and hand hold our customers through the various stages of the product life cycle with our team comprising of analysts, designers, and engineers.

We are head-quartered in Hyderabad, India and facilitate deployment of our services over the entire Nordic region comprising of Sweden and Finland.

  • To carve out a niche in the global arena of advanced Telecommunications and M2M technologies that would enhance our brand image

  • To continue to create and deploy the finest talent in our quest for further expanding the frontiers of M2M Technologies and its applications

  • Innovation and pursuit of excellence in 'Services', 'Telecommunications', 'Automation' and 'Research' (STAR)

To emerge as the premier R&D Institution for the design, development and deployment of world class IT solutions within the M2M domain. We shall ensure that we realize our vision by continuously providing on time deliveries with good quality in an automated process centric environment.

The essence of Cell Labs philosophy and the bed rock of our Corporate Culture ...

  • Integrity, transparency and openness in all our actions

  • Working with and through 'Teams' is our way of life

  • Distributed Leadership across the organization at various levels

  • Strive to continuously improve our processes and quality

  • Address the needs of the society through user centric initiatives